Youth at the Park

Prayer Gathering

We will be holding a special time of prayer on Feb. 15, 2015
at 6 pm at the church where we will focus our prayers on
the witness of the church, the spiritual needs of the community
as well as individual needs.  You are welcome to join us.

Philadelphia Work & Witness July, 2014

Building Relationships, Serving Others and Preparing a Place 
for Others to Continue the Work of the Lord

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Pastor Louie's Ministry Experience in India, May 2014

English Class Ministry in Musiri, India
Worship Service; Men/Women segregated; Musiri India
Pastor Louie recognized as honored guest; Musiri India
Life in Musiri India; May 2014
Praise and Worship at Youth Camp; Kotagiri India May 2014
Home of Charles (His Christian Name) in a village were the local
water supplies have all dried up due to a 3 year drought.  Site of a 600' deep
well being drilled in the hopes of finding water.  If successful, it will be used as
an outreach ministry to the area around Charles' home.
Church near Dharmapuri India; an area where female infanticide still
takes place. The outreach ministries of this church convinced two of 
the women in this picture, before they were Christians, not to kill their
new-born baby girl. May 2014
Church of the Nazarene building near Dharmapuri 
Former "Tool Shed" now used as a classroom for the church.
Students sit on woven mats on the cement floor
Pastor Louie was frequently asked to "lay hands on and pray
over the children" in India
Pastor Louie with a few of the kids at the Child Development Center
Dharmapuri India.  Only children from the poorest families are 
accepted into the program where they are fed, clothed, educated and
trained to be Christian leaders that then go home and work to 
transform the lives of entire family groups.
Pastor Louie's host family in Musiri India; May 2014
Rev. Jayakumar, his wife and granddaughter
Pastor Louie with his primary translator, Rev. Kingsley Jayakumar,
his wife and daughter (living with his parents).  Kingsley works full time
as the regional (all of India plus some surrounding countries)
Nazarene Youth ministries and the Mission Team coordinator.  
He receives no salary, only being paid what he receives when he speaks
to Universities (all most all of which is consumed by travel expenses.  
The plan? He will some day step into his father's position at which time 
he will then support his elderly parents.